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A rectangular image in the style of a red and blue striped airmail envelope. Angular stylized text reads: "MOTHER" with an illustration of a flying saucer over a heart inside of the "O". Then "She Wrote" in a handwritten font. Below that is a thin line and below that reads: "An EarthBound Podcast".

Discover the Biggest Cult Phenomena in Video Game History in
“MOTHER,” She Wrote: An EarthBound Podcast

A Blend of Audio Drama and Pop Culture Podcast Takes Listeners Beyond the Controller and Into the Story

“MOTHER,” She Wrote is a podcast travelogue through the strangest, most thought-provoking, most heart-rending video games ever made: MOTHER as it’s called in Japan, and EarthBound as it’s called everywhere else. The series smashed into the scene in 1989 and broke the mold on what video games could look and sound like. This trilogy of games explore surprising and challenging themes, even by today’s standards, such as queerness, late stage capitalism, police misconduct, cults and groupthink, and the profound power of kindness - all in an irreverent, psychedelic science-fantasy with a rockin’ soundtrack.



Nintendo Force Magazine

"Perfectly nails the very specific tone of the games.

It's a joy to listen to!"

Amber Devereux

Creator - Tin Can Audio
Composer - Doctor Who: Redacted

"A work of art… I'm going to find a way to shove this into the feeds of all my video game friends.


It's a guaranteed SMAAAASH!!!”

Ester Ellis

Creator - Station Blue, The Goblet Wire

“Stunning production values…

One of the best things you can jam into your ears!”


Legendary EarthBound Fansite

"I’m obsessed with your “Letters to Mom” segments!

...Easily one of the greatest things to ever hit the MOTHER community!"

Alex Amelia Pine, Spotify Listener

Obviously you should play these games, right? Absolutely! But not everyone can.
That's where "MOTHER," She Wrote comes in!

"MOTHER," She Wrote offers listeners a personal connection with the narrative via a cinematic audio drama segments at the start of every episode - created and produced by the award-winning storytellers at Omniverse, makers of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, and featuring voices from hit sci-fi shows Girl in Space and Midnight Burger. Then, pizza-loving girlfriends and series hosts, Cat Blackard and Jessica Mudd, peel back the layers: unpacking the games’ social commentary, pop culture inspirations, challenges, gameplay, and what it all means.

A new paradigm for pop art appreciation!
This immersive hybrid of audio drama and talk podcast opens up EarthBound
to audiences who might otherwise not be able to experience it.

The MOTHER trilogy is a cultural touchstone that's inspired artful and acclaimed modern games such as Undertale and influenced artists and creators across all mediums. The history of this series and its influence has been explored in feature-length documentaries, Mother to Earth and EarthBound USA, however “MOTHER,” She Wrote stands alone in its focus on the games’ stories - taking a narrative that’s often too sprawling and strange to simply explain, and bringing listeners viscerally into the world of MOTHER.

A photograph with saturated colors of Cat and Jess. The camera angle is low and behind them a 50's style, ufo-shaped theatre sign that reads "Plaza" gleams in the sun against a blue sky. A bird soars amidst whisps of clouds. Cat is on the left side of the image, looking up, wearing a red and blue Ness cap. Jess is on the right, wearing sunglasses and looking outward, holding a map of the world of MOTHER, illustrated by kenisu.

Meet the Team

A sprite of Cat, created by Benichi. Cat is wearing a yellow jacket and black tights. Her blonde hair has magenta accents at the tips.

Cat Blackard (She / They)

Lead Writer - Host - Voice Actor

A multidisciplinary artist and multimedia storyteller, Cat is Mother Brain of Omniverse and award-winning showrunner of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, a historical fiction horror-comedy audio drama. Her career in podcasting and journalism spans over a decade. She’s founder and host of the formative games and hobbies podcast, Nerdy Show, a pioneer in improvisational audio drama podcasts, and a voice actor on projects such as Moonbase Theta, Out and Midnight Burger. Her work is devoted to uplifting and transformative stories that go to strange places and ask big questions.


Jessica Mudd (She / Her)

Composer - Host - Voice Actor

An accomplished weaver of interactive narratives, Jessica is a member of Omniverse’s Storytelling Team. She served as Associate Producer of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program’s acclaimed season, “Night at Howling House”, and is the lead writer and showrunner of the RPG Audio Drama City of Daemons as well as the upcoming historical fantasy audio drama, Étude of the Storm.

A sprite of Jess, created by Benichi. Jess wears a blue sleevless top and black tights, she holds a gooey slice of pizza.

Sprites by Benichi

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