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EarthBound Beginnings

The first game in the MOTHER trilogy, originally released in Japan in 1989.

Children with psychic powers stand against an invading alien menace and a growing paranormal disturbance that threatens to throw the world into chaos. Equal parts Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King, Earthbound Beginnings is a science-fantasy adventure across 1980s America, decades before Stranger Things.

Starring Cat Blackard as Ninten, Jessica Mudd as Lloyd, and Sarah Rhea Werner as Ana.

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Listen to Season 1:

Episode Zero: START HERE

Chapter 1: Bump in the Night

Chapter 2: Good and Bad Vibrations

Chapter 3: Magicant Mystery Tour

Chapter 4: The Nowhere Man

Chapter 5: Don't Avoid The Lloyd

Chapter 6: Takin' the Paradise Line

Chapter 7: The Power to Believe

Dimensional Slip 1:
Sarah Rhea Werner - Girl in Space and Other Wrinkles in Time

Dimensional Slip 2:
Kody Nokolo - Breaking Fandom’s Fourth Wall

Chapter 8: Planes, Tanks, and Extraterrestrials

Chapter 9: The Lost Boys (and Girls)

Dimensional Slip 3:
Jazzy Benson - EarthBound, USA

Dimensional Slip 4:
PixelH8 - The Music of MOTHER

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