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Dimensional Slip 4: Pixelh8
The Music of MOTHER

Step into a Dimensional Slip: intermittent interludes in “MOTHER,” She Wrote’s journey - where we speak with guests from a multitude of backgrounds and delve deeper into the themes, media, and fandom that make up the tapestry of the EarthBound experience.

The memorable melodies of MOTHER are more than just background music - they're an essential part of the series’ storytelling! We've often talked about the duo responsible for the score: art rock musician Keiichi Suzuki and "Hip" Tanaka, and you've just as often heard us wonder “how did they do this?” It seems like they pushed the Nintendo Entertainment System’s hardware to the limit! So, to get deeper insight into how the music of MOTHER was made, we've turned to legendary chiptunes artist, Pixelh8.

Pixelh8's expertise on the musical mechanics of the 8-bit era is second only to the Nintendo engineers who built the system and in this episode you'll hear him give us a hands-on demonstration of how sounds on the NES work, as well as astute assessments of the technical and narrative power of the game's score. We’ll also learn more about the various eras of chiptune music, Pixelh8’s work reclaiming computer chips from dying consoles to build new instruments, and excitingly, his return to the music scene after a twelve year silence, with his new record, Hard Reset.


Written, Produced, & Performed by:

Cat Blackard & Jessica Mudd

Original Score & Sound Design:

Jessica Mudd

Album Art: Cat Blackard

Sprites: Benichi



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